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EraGoodsInput# itemsResult
BronzeDye, Lumber, Marble, Stone, Wine0
IronCloth, Ebony, Iron, Jewelry, Limestone0
Early Middle AgeAlabaster, Copper, Gold, Granite, Honey0
High Middle AgeBrick, Dried Herbs, Glass, Rope, Salt0
(*) Late Middle AgeBasalt, Brass, Gunpowder, Silk, Talc Powder0
(*) Colonial AgeCoffee, Paper, Porcelain, Tar, Wire0
(*) Industrial AgeCoke, Fertilizer, Rubber, Textiles, Whale oil0
(*) Progressive eraAsbestos, Explosives, Gasoline, Machine parts, Tinplate0
(*) Modern eraConvenience Food, Feronconcrete, Flavorants, Luxury Materials, Packages0
(*) Post Modern eraGenome Data, Industrial Filters, Renewable Resources, Semiconductors, Steel0
(*) Contemporary eraBionics Data, Electromagnets, Gas, Plastics, Robots0
(*) Tomorrow eraNutrition Research, Papercrete, Preservatives, Smart Materials, Translucent Concrete0
(*) The FutureAlgae, Biogeochemical Data, Nanoparticles, Purified Water, Superconductors0
(*) - Trades from LMA onwards need to be high amouts - 20's / 50's / 100's for the official calcualtions to be useful. trades of under 10 items may not display the correct results.


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