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(BRONZE)Slinger Range 430/280/34 2x3 Slinger
(IRON)Archery Range 2820/2020/108 2x2Archer
(BRONZE)Spearfighter Barracks 170/110/26 3x3Spearfighter
(BRONZE)Thrower Camp 1080/700/56 3x3Stone Thower
(BRONZE)Warrior Barracks 850/560/47 3x3 Warrior
(IRON)Soldier Barracks 1410/1010/79 3x2Soldier
(IRON)Mounted Warrior Stable 4220/3030/170 3x4Mounted Warrier
(IRON)Legionnaire Barracks 5630/4040/144 3x3Legionnaire
(EARLY-MA)Mounted Archer Range 11050/8570/206 3x4 Mounted Archer
(EARLY-MA)Mercenary Barracks 7360/4710/155 3x3Mercenary
(EARLY-MA)Heavy Cavalry Stable 14730/11420/355 3x4 Heavy Cavalry
(EARLY-MA)Armored Infantry Barracks 16570/12850/284 3x3 Armored Infantry
(EARLY-MA)Catapult Camp 18410/14280/335 3x3Catapult
(HIGH-MA)Berserker Barracks 21720/18130/260 3x3Berserker
(HIGH-MA)Crossbow Range 27160/22660/346 3x3Crossbowman
(HIGH-MA)Knight Stable 32590/27190/563 3x4Knight
(HIGH-MA)Heavy Infantry Barracks 38020/31720/476 3x3Heavy Infantry
(HIGH-MA)Trebuchet Camp 43450/36250/563 3x3Trebuchet
(LATE-MA)Great Sword Warrior Barracks 48300/43310/391 3x3 Great Sword Warrior
(LATE-MA)Longbow Archer Range 60370/54130/521 3x3 Longbow Archer
(LATE-MA)Imperial Guard Barracks 84520/75780/716 3x4Imperial Guard
(LATE-MA)Cannon Camp 96590/86610/846 3x4 Cannon
(COLONIAL)Field Gun Camp 107100/102100/1105 3x4 Field Gun
(INDUSTRIAL)Jaeger Encampment 115000/117000/1104 3x3 Jaeger Infantry
(INDUSTRIAL)Rifleman Range 105000/106000/982 3x3 Rifleman
(INDUSTRIAL)Breach Loader Factory 147000/149000/1472 3x5 Breech Loader
(POSTMODERN)Machinegun Range 259000/272000/2100 3x7 MG Team
(CONTEMPORARY)Missile Site 437000/457000/3100 3x6Missile Artillery
(TOMORROW)Anti-Materiel Range 527000/504000/3300 3x5 Anti-Materiel Sniper
(IRON)Ballista Camp 7040/5050/170 4x3Ballista
(LATE-MA)Heavy Knight Stable 72440/64960/846 4x4 Heavy Knight
(COLONIAL)Ranger Encampment 84200/80200/829 4x2 Ranger
(COLONIAL)Dragoon Stables 91800/87500/921 4x3 Dragoon
(COLONIAL)Grenadier Barracks 99500/94800/1013 4x3 Grenadier
(INDUSTRIAL)Lancer Stables 126000/128000/1227 4x3 Lancer
(INDUSTRIAL)Howitzer Factory 136000/138000/1350 4x3 Howitzer
(PROGRESSIVE)Tank Factory 178000/191000/1740 4x5 Tank
(PROGRESSIVE)Ordnance Factory 192000/206000/1890 4x5Rapid Fire Cannon
(MODERN)Battle Tank Factory 238000/252000/2160 4x4 Battle Tank
(POSTMODERN)IFV Factory 283000/297000/2400 4x5 IFV
(POSTMODERN)Commando Camp 236000/248000/1900 4x4 Commando
(POSTMODERN)Universal Tank Factory 306000/322000/2600 4x6 Universal Tank
(CONTEMPORARY)Air Defense Factory 343000/359000/2600 4x5 Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
(CONTEMPORARY)Strike Team Center 312000/327000/2100 4x3 Strike Team
(CONTEMPORARY)Assault Tank Factory 406000/425000/2400 4x6 Assault Tank
(TOMORROW)Combat Drone Base 446000/546000/3000 4x3Combat Drone
(TOMORROW)Ultra AP Factory 486000/462000/3500 4x4 Ultra AP
(TOMORROW)Stealth Tank Factory 365000/420000/2700 4x6 Stealth Tank
(COLONIAL)Musketeer Range 76500/72900/737 5x3Musketeer
(PROGRESSIVE)Conscription Office 151000/162000/1420 5x4 Conscript
(PROGRESSIVE)Armored Car Factory 164000/176000/1580 5x4Armored Car
(MODERN)Mechanized Infantry Barracks 219000/233000/1960 5x4 Mechanized Infantry
(MODERN)Paratrooper Camp 201000/213000/1760 5x3 Paratrooper
(MODERN)Heavy Weapons Center 183000/194000/1570 5x4 Bazooka Team
(MODERN)Mechanized Artillery Factory 256000/271000/2350 5x4 Mechanized Artillery
(CONTEMPORARY)Attack Helicopter Base 375000/392000/2800 5x4 Attack Helicopter
(TOMORROW)Microwave Blaster Factory 405000/378000/2400 5x5 Microwave Blaster
(PROGRESSIVE)Sniper Camp 137000/147000/1260 6x3 Sniper
(POSTMODERN)Rocket Artillery Factory 330000/347000/2800 6x3 Rocket Artillery