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 (Age)  Name  happy face image happy face image/land area image land area image
land area image
image for Memorial decoration (Stone)  Memorial 72 18.00 2x24
image for Obelisk decoration (Stone)  Obelisk 18 18.00 1x11
image for Tree decoration (Stone)  Tree 18 18.00 1x11
image for Statue decoration (Bronze)  Statue 21 21.00 1x11
image for Bush decoration (Bronze)  Bush 20 20.00 1x11
image for Flowers decoration (Bronze)  Flowers 20 20.00 1x11
image for Hedge decoration (Bronze)  Hedge 22 22.00 1x11
image for Pillar decoration (Bronze)  Pillar Diamond image 6057 57.00 1x11
image for Aqueduct decoration (Iron)  Aqueduct Diamond image 140155 51.67 3x13
image for Flower Tub decoration (Iron)  Flower Tub 22 22.00 1x11
image for Fountain decoration (Iron)  Fountain 23 23.00 1x11
image for Monument decoration (Iron)  Monument 26 26.00 1x11
image for Victory Pillar decoration (Iron)  Victory Pillar Diamond image 7060 60.00 1x11
image for Cypress decoration (EMA)  Cypress Diamond image 8067 67.00 1x11
image for Floral Bush decoration (EMA)  Floral Bush 27 27.00 1x11
image for Hedge with flowers decoration (EMA)  Hedge with flowers 29 29.00 1x11
image for The pond decoration (EMA)  The pond 126 31.50 2x24
image for Fence decoration (HMA)  Fence 30 30.00 1x11
image for Flag decoration (HMA)  Flag 32 32.00 1x11
image for Gargoyle decoration (HMA)  Gargoyle Diamond image 9073 73.00 1x11
image for Lantern decoration (HMA)  Lantern 35 35.00 1x11
image for Signpost decoration (HMA)  Signpost 32 32.00 1x11
image for Group of trees decoration (LMA)  Group of trees 160 40.00 2x24
image for Nautical Statue decoration (LMA)  Nautical Statue 39 39.00 1x11
image for Potted Plant decoration (LMA)  Potted Plant 41 41.00 1x11
image for Tower Ruin decoration (LMA)  Tower Ruin 170 42.50 2x24
image for Waterspout Fountain decoration (LMA)  Waterspout Fountain Diamond image 11085 85.00 1x11
image for Clock Tower decoration (Colonial)  Clock Tower 201 50.25 2x24
image for Eagle Hedge decoration (Colonial)  Eagle Hedge 40 40.00 1x11
image for Flamingo Hedge decoration (Colonial)  Flamingo Hedge 40 40.00 1x11
image for Globe Statue decoration (Colonial)  Globe Statue 50 50.00 1x11
image for Guillotine decoration (Colonial)  Guillotine 193 48.25 2x24
image for Kite decoration (Colonial)  Kite 48 48.00 1x11
image for Neptune Fountain decoration (Colonial)  Neptune Fountain 188 47.00 2x24
image for Ornamental Tree decoration (Colonial)  Ornamental Tree Diamond image 120101 101.00 1x11
image for Peacock Hedge decoration (Colonial)  Peacock Hedge 48 48.00 1x11
image for Carillon decoration (Industrial)  Carillon Diamond image 150236 118.00 2x12
image for Clothesline decoration (Industrial)  Clothesline 53 53.00 1x11
image for Fire Hydrant decoration (Industrial)  Fire Hydrant 60 60.00 1x11
image for Fountain with benches decoration (Industrial)  Fountain with benches Diamond image 250472 118.00 2x24
image for Gas Lamp decoration (Industrial)  Gas Lamp 54 54.00 1x11
image for Old Wall East decoration (Industrial)  Old Wall East 109 54.50 1x22
image for Old Wall South decoration (Industrial)  Old Wall South 109 54.50 2x12
image for Pavilion with Flowers decoration (Industrial)  Pavilion with Flowers 227 56.75 2x24
image for Billboard decoration (Progressive)  Billboard 123 61.50 2x12
image for Equestrian Statue decoration (Progressive)  Equestrian Statue Diamond image 250270 135.00 1x22
image for Newspaper Stand decoration (Progressive)  Newspaper Stand 131 65.50 1x22
image for Urban Tree decoration (Progressive)  Urban Tree 61 61.00 1x11
image for Water Tower decoration (Progressive)  Water Tower 63 63.00 1x11
image for drive in Sign decoration (Modern)  drive in Sign Diamond image 200145 145.00 1x11
image for Jet Statue decoration (Modern)  Jet Statue 433 72.17 2x36
image for Nuclear Shelter decoration (Modern)  Nuclear Shelter 275 68.75 2x24
image for Palm Group decoration (Modern)  Palm Group 275 68.75 2x24
image for Welcome Sign decoration (Modern)  Welcome Sign Diamond image 200145 145.00 1x11
image for Allotment Garden Cabin decoration (PostModern)  Allotment Garden Cabin 310 77.50 2x24
image for Allotment Garden House decoration (PostModern)  Allotment Garden House 310 77.50 2x24
image for Allotment Garden Shed decoration (PostModern)  Allotment Garden Shed 310 77.50 2x24
image for Astronaut Statue decoration (PostModern)  Astronaut Statue 300 75.00 2x24
image for Peace Sculpture decoration (PostModern)  Peace Sculpture 150 75.00 2x12
image for playground decoration (PostModern)  playground Diamond image 300920 153.33 2x36
image for Canal Bridge decoration (Contemporary)  Canal Bridge 183 91.50 1x22
image for Cherry Tree decoration (Contemporary)  Cherry Tree 82 82.00 1x11
image for Monster Statue decoration (Contemporary)  Monster Statue Diamond image 200717 179.25 2x24
image for Neon Billboard decoration (Contemporary)  Neon Billboard 82 82.00 1x11
image for Burger Booth decoration (Tomorrow)  Burger Booth 200 100.00 2x12
image for Pizza Booth decoration (Tomorrow)  Pizza Booth 200 100.00 2x12
image for Security Post decoration (Tomorrow)  Security Post Diamond image 250480 240.00 1x22
image for Surveilance Camera decoration (Tomorrow)  Surveilance Camera 85 85.00 1x11
image for Veggie Booth decoration (Tomorrow)  Veggie Booth 200 100.00 1x22
image for Lichen Lamp decoration (Future)  Lichen Lamp Diamond image 150300 300.00 1x11
image for Planetarium decoration (Future)  Planetarium 500 125.00 2x24
image for Wind Turbine decoration (Future)  Wind Turbine 120 120.00 1x11


happy face image - Increase happiness
happy face image/land area image - Happiness per square


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