Logo Forge of Empires: acronyms and abreviations
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March 25, 2018 6:21 pm

Great Buildings:

COA: Cathedral of Aachen
CDM: Castel Del Monte
LOA: Lighthouse of Alexandria
RAH: Royal albert Hall
SMB: St. Marks Basilica
TOB: Tower of Babel
Traz: Alcatraz
Zeus: Statue of Zeus

BA: Bronze Age
IA: Iron Age
EMA: Early Middle Age
HMA: High Middle Age
LMA: Late Middle Age
COL: Colonial Age
IND: Industrial Age
PE: Progressive Age
ME: Modern Era
PME: Post Modern Era
CE: Contemporary Era
TE: Tomorrow
FE: Future


FP: Forge Points. You gain 1 FP every hour in the game up to a maximum of 10. They are a form of currency you can use to purchase things or research items in the game.
You can also gain FP 'packs' which you can store for later.
GB: Great Builings
MUD: In the mud / sticks - (wet dirt). Usually when a person builds a Great building (level 0), it is called 'in the mud'. You use FP / forge points from neighbours/friends/guild mates to get it to level 1, & out of the mud.
RSS: Resources
SOK: Shrine of Knowledge
WW: Wishing Well.

US23: Xyr